Corporate Training

Ms.Radhika Mr.Abhijeet Vitekar
Ginger Hotels , HR Manager
Mr.Abhijeet Vitekar,
Manager Customer Service,
Staffing Solutions

Management Training would be incomplete if the exposure to the corporate life is limited. Therefore, we introduce Corporate Training through Projects, assignments,etc. From 2nd semester onwards, along with regular lectures, students are sent to various companies to learn the functioning   in different areas.

Some students went to Ventura Securities and had to undergo training in the field of Financial Products. It gave them the actual understanding of mutual funds, insurance, equities,etc. This kind of learning is unique and since it comes from the corporate people them, the quality of training is unmatched.

Similarly, for the Retail sector, one of the giants in India, the Landmark group also came forward to give our students a Project on Brand Awareness for their Max group. The HR Manager trained the entire team of students so as to approach the consumers and build awareness about the Brand. The minds of our young Managers are ready to absorb any such information and they build their knowledge bank extensively with such exercises.

Wizkraft International has assigned a Project to our students for the Sales Promotion of Nissan Automobiles. It would be a great experience for Management trainees to handle such a brand. The kind of training they would be provided with would enhance their marketing abilities many times.

Corporate give the students a first hand experience of what they would face in future. The industry people train the candidates as per the actual requirement of the organizations. The corporate exposure coupled with what they learn in their class rooms makes their training as future managers wholesome.