The Global Financial Meltdown

Global Financial Meltdown Global Financial Meltdown

As we say, time and tide waits for none, smart are those who plunge into to make the best and to know the best. The  whole world was undergoing an economic turmoil and IBSAR wanted to keep students on toes thinking about the financial global meltdown.

Presentation was arranged at IBSAR LONAVALA Campus on 16th October on the Global Financial Meltdown. Student’s very enthaustically prepared their presentation in teams. They prepared and talked about the crash in Iceland, about AIG & Lament Brothers getting badly affected & bankrupt , lot of points were put forth with amative to make management trainees understand about American economy thrash down and how India sustained through critical economic meltdown they talked about RBI bonds, bank maintaining their CRR and SLR, government securities. How abnxiously the outsourcing jobs experienced Jerk and fining of employees overnight in large numbers by Jet airways etc.

The steep devalution in the value of rupee , talking about free trade zone , Stock market concerns on GDP , National Income and per capita income.

Incomes were rightly presented to hold everybody’s attention as the responsible citizen of India and the world.

Date:- 16th October 2010 at Lonavala IBSAR Campus

Winners : IBSAR Mumbai Campus

  1. Sachin Kumar Singh
  2. Sandeep Kumar Sonu
  3. Sandeep Kumar

Runner Up: IBSAR Lonavala

  1. Bhavna
  2. Piyush Singh
  3. Ashish Shukla

Debate Competition

The debate compettion wasorganised on 26th January 2009 at pune campus.The topic of debate was: “Our Economic Salvation lies not in globalization but in localization!” for which both the teams i.e. for the motion and against the motion prepared well and debate programmed vigourously in a healthy environment.

Winners :

  • Pune Campus , (Garima Srivastava)

Runner Up:

  1. Mumbai Campus( Sachin Kumar Singh , Rabindra Bhisht)
  2. Karjat Campus (Ajay Kumar)